Our BEST and FREE games to play when you visit the beaches around Cronulla

For some a trip to the beach is a time to relax, listen to the waves, feel the sun on your back, maybe read a good book or listen to your music.  But for those who need to keep family and friends entertained and not bored then you might need some help!

Our top fun games and things to do on the beach;

Sandcastles – of course what else could be number one.  The simple fun of using their imagination and building a creation can provide hours of fun on the beach – keep it close to the sea for moats and water features.  

Buckets will give you more formal castles!

building sandcastles on the beach at Cronulla
free things to do on Cronulla beach


even if you don’t have a bucket you can still make a stunning sand castle in free form.

Shell Collecting  – who doesn’t like looking for interesting, pretty and strange shells.  Just check that the beach you’re on doesn’t have restrictions if you were looking to take any shells home.

best free things to do on the beach for kids

Beach cricket – that Aussie of all sports.  Even if you don’t have wickets and bails chuck a couple of t-shirts down and use a bat and tennis ball.  C’mmon Aussie for The Ashes!

Scavenger Hunt – make up your own list of things to be found – simple for the littlies, more challenging the older they get.  Suggested items can be; a shell – make it a particular shape or colour for older kids, a smooth pebble, a round pebble, a seagull’s feather, even a shark’s egg.

Fly a Kite – usually you have some kind of breeze by the sea and the Don Lucas Reserve above Wanda Beach in Cronulla is a great place to fly your kite.

beach kite flying in Sydney

Water Bucket Relay Race – dig a hole in the sand and see who can fill it first – Just watch the water fade away as they run back and forth!  Keep the hole in the wet sane areas but the further from the sea the harder it is…

An alternative version, and probably easier an easier one is to fill the bucket up –  only using something like a cup, or what they can find on the beach like a large shell.

Toss a Frisbee – simple easy, fun and a frisbee doesn’t take up much room in your beach bag!

Catch!  – whether it’s a tennis ball or rugby ball a simple game of catch is another easy game for the beach for all ages

Football – who doesn’t love a kick around on the beach!

Volleyball – get practicing on the beach your natural sporting arena or practice those skils for water polo.

fun and free games for the beach


Do the limbo!  Super simple if you just use a towel for everyone to limbo under.

Beach Tug of War – grab a couples of towels and tie them together. Mark three lines in the sand.   A central one as your starting point and then one either side.  The winner is whichever team gets to pull the  join in the towels across their line in the sand.  Do this closer to the water and be prepared to get wet!

Making Sand Angels – just as you do in the snow, lie down, and move your legs and arms for the angel’s dress and wings…. Be prepared to get sandy!   A great thing to do before a dip in the sea to clean off and cool down.

fun things to do on the beach

Beach Bowls – if you don’t own a beach set you can use some tennis balls and a maybe a squash ball or even find a good sized pebble on the beach to aim for.  An easy game for all the family – even the littlies and get them developing their throwing skills!  Best done on the wet sand.  As an alternative on the soft sand is to make it ‘bocce’ or ‘pétangue’.  You don’t even need to bring anything with you.  Choose a shell of pebble as your ‘jack’ and see who can get the closest by throwing other items you find on the beach.

We hope you enjoy your trip to the beach – Cronulla has some spectacular beaches to visit and while away a couple of hours with family and friends.