Discover Cronulla's Pristine Dive Sites: A Diver's Paradise"

Cronulla’s well known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re a mum looking for the perfect destination to enjoy quality time with your baby, Cronulla has a great selection of activities to offer. From beautiful beachfront strolls to engaging baby-friendly classes, here’s a guide to some of the best things for mums and babies to do in Cronulla.

Our fav things to do are visiting one of its wonderful beaches, wander and explore rock pools, take a coastal walk, enjoying cafes and eateries, and spending time at playgrounds and parks.


best beach for children in Cronulla

Go to the beach: sun, sand and sea

Cronulla is renowned for its pristine beaches, and a day by the sea is an excellent way to introduce your little people to the beauty of nature. The gentle lapping of the waves, soft sand beneath your feet, and the invigorating sea breeze provide a soothing environment for both mum and baby. Our favourite beaches for the little ones are at Gunnamatta Bay, Cronulla South and Shelley Beach. Just be sure to pack all the essentials for a day at the beach, including sunscreen, hats, and an umbrella or beach tent for shade.

Be Rockpool Explorers!

Along Cronulla’s beachline you’ll find many Rock Pools to explore! For those already walking these natural wonders provide a safe and exciting space for your little one to explore. With calm, shallow waters, it’s an ideal spot to dip smaller toes and hunt for small fish and crabs. Just watch out for the Blue Ring Octopus!!

Enjoy a Coastal Walk

Cronulla boasts some of the most scenic coastal walks in the region. The Cronulla Esplanade and the Royal National Park Coastal Track offer stunning vistas of the ocean and cliffs. The Esplanade is a popular way to take in the stunning views with an easy walkway.  There are plenty of places to stop for rest in some shade and essentials like toilets along the way! Invest in a comfortable baby carrier or stroller designed for off-road use, ensuring your baby can join you on these leisurely walks. The rhythmic sound of the waves and the breathtaking views will make this an enjoyable experience for all.

Cafes and Eateries

best cafe for kids in Cronulla

Cronulla is home to a wide range of cafes and eateries, many of which are family friendly. Enjoy a relaxing brunch or lunch with your little one in tow. Numerous cafes provide highchairs and changing facilities to cater to the needs of mums and babies. Some cafes even offer dedicated play areas, ensuring that both you and your baby have an enjoyable dining experience. You don’t have to spend a fortune – just a coffee and cake or babycino and a marshmallow is just fine to enjoy an outing.

Visit the Cronulla Sharks on match day

For sports fans you can take your budding players to catch a game of rugby league at Shark Park, home to the Cronulla Sharks.  Enjoy the thrill of the game, grab a snag and head to family hill to watch the game.  Don’t forget to wave to the Mermaids cheerleaders and of course don’t forget the Shark’s mascot “Sharkie”.   The atmosphere is electric, and the energy of the crowd is sure to captivate your little one’s attention.

fantastic play area at Wanda Beach and Reserve

Play is the work of childhood

Jean Piaget

On the Importance of Play for children

Playground Fun

Playgrounds are a paradise of fun for toddlers and young children.

Most features age-appropriate equipment and soft surfaces, making it them a safe and fun place for your little tearaways to play and get rid of some energy. While your little one explores the playground, you can take a break on one of the nearby benches and enjoy the surrounding greenery and sea views.

You have a couple of options for play parks and playgrounds in Cronulla.  One of our favourites is at Gunnamatta Park – a little quieter than central Cronulla, plenty of free street parking nearby – cool shade in the trees and close to the quiet beach if you want to combine the two!

At the other end of town is the Don Lucas Reserve – LOTS of space to run around.  Take the bike for a cycle around the bike track or challenge them to a race around the loop. We love having toilets nearby, plenty of parking, and that you can grab a drink or snack at nearby Wanda beach café.

Explore one of the parks along The Esplanade such as Oak Park

Oak Park, just a short drive from Cronulla Beach, or walk along The Esplanade, offers a picturesque setting for a day out with your baby. The park features a grassy area perfect for picnics and play, as well as a rock pool down on the beach where you can enjoy a splash around. The calm waters of Oak Park Beach are also great for introducing your little people to the sea.

Yummy Seaside Picnics

Pack a picnic basket with your favourite snacks and head to one of Cronulla’s many parks or beaches for a delightful picnic by the sea. It’s a simple yet enjoyable activity that allows you to enjoy quality time with your little one while relishing the natural beauty of the area. Most of the parks have parking and toilets nearby so it’s an easy and cost-effective way to spend a few hours.

A picnic by the sea is a feast for the senses

Lorraine Anderson

On the Pleasure of Beach Picnic

Local Culture and Community Events

Cronulla offers a vibrant cultural scene and commity events from fairs to fun runs.  Keep an eye on out events page.   Some activities are a little further away such Gymea’s  Hazelhurst Art Gallery – just a short train trip away.  Easy walking distance from Gymea train station on a flat walk.

So, there you have it – Cronulla is a fabulous place for mums, babies and little people seeking a perfect blend of nature, culture, and relaxation. With its stunning beaches, family-friendly amenities, many activities tailored for mums and babies, Cronulla ensures that you create unforgettable memories together. Whether you’re dipping tiny toes in the rock pools, strolling along The Esplanade, or enjoying a seaside picnic, it offers something special for everyone.